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Worldwide Heart to Heart Children's Village Aquaponic Garden

Worldwide Heart to Heart Children’s Village (WWH2HCV) administrators are aware that the orphanage needs to become food independent in order to daily meet the needs of the children in its care, due to diminishing donations.  Most children arrive severely malnourished, making consistent good nutrition imperative for them. Begun in 2013, the Aquaponic Garden’s goal is to meet this need, being able to provide the bulk of the weekly grocery list for all the children and staff at the Children’s Village, and provide an avenue for the children to learn an economically valuable skill that will carry them into the professional realm when they become adults ready to leave the Village. The 72’ X 22’ aquaponic garden is designed to be completely sustainable, raising food-fish (tilapia) and fruits /vegetables in a symbiotic and organic closed system. Aquaponics uses 1/10th the water it takes to grow the same crops in traditional soil gardening, and can be done in a fraction of the space, and in 1/3 less time, which is important in a region where people are very poor.   The garden will be a training hub for the children and local people to bring Aquaponic Gardens to the poor mountain villages where good nutritious food is not reliably available, and joblessness is the norm. This is a hand up, not a hand out. The goal of WWH2HCV is to raise their children to be contributing Honduran citizens, who will help Honduras lift itself up from the rank as the poorest country in Central America. WWH2HCV also runs an English Immersion School with an enrollment of 187 students from the orphanage and children of the nearby local community of Puerto Cortes.  All students will have a chance to learn about science through the aquaponics garden, as well as benefit nutritionally from the harvest.

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Worldwide Heart to Heart Children's Village
Tegucigalpita Cortes none

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orphanage garden

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children and food insecure people

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Deanne Converse
Scott Closner

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