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Wagiya Community Healing Garden

Indigenous people still believe that for every sickness, nature offers a specific herbal and natural remedy. Our Community Healing Garden contains 172 medicinal plants that are a testament to that belief. We established the garden with intent to provide the encouragement and education necessary to safely promote the use of herbal medicines used by our ancestors. The garden provides a teaching environment for children, families, students, and visitors interested in interacting with the healing plants found in southern Belize.   Our goal is to organize the garden into categorical beds that will make the medicinal plant knowledge easier to teach and learn. We wish to create eight planting beds; each housing a Master garden on their own; making eight large Gardens in total. The medicinal plants in gardens one through seven will be arranged by the seven human body systems (digestive, muscular-skeletal, nervous, respiratory, excretory, circulatory, and reproductive). Each garden bed will be inclusive of the plants that help to balance those systems.  The eighth garden will have the plants used in spirituality.  In the end, the living collection of medicinal plants native to Belize will all be tagged, cataloged, preserved, and well protected.  The surrounding grounds will maintain their landscape with edible plants, useful trees and epiphytic orchids.

Where it's at:

10 George Street
Punta Gorda

Garden type:

tribal garden

Garden size (in square feet):


Garden beneficiaries:

indigenous people and families

Number of people reached:

3 000

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Project leaders:

Ana Arzu
Marion Cayetano

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