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At Hillsboro Elementary School we are interested in creating a culture that teaches children the importance of good physical health to last a lifetime.  We have started a number of programs to move in that direction but due to budget cuts have been limited in our ability to develop them to the level we’ve envisioned.  I’ll explain where we’re currently at in their development and what we would like to move toward in the future.

2 years ago we established a small garden plot behind our elementary school which was a tremendous hit with our students.  In the spring, each grade level from preschool through 5th grade came back and helped plant various seeds or seedlings in “their” part of the garden.  Harvest time occurred before school was out and each child received a radish, carrot, beet, or some other produce-much to their delight.  Before school was out we planted tomatoes, peppers, okra, and turnips.  When students returned in the fall they were greeted with a bumper crop of vegetables which they quickly and enthusiastically harvested.  In December, 2 volunteers with student assistance, built a hoop house over one of our gardens.  They hope to build another one soon.

We are ready to dramatically increase the size of our garden.  We would also like to build a greenhouse in which we could start plants and continue to produce vegetables in the wintertime.  Hillsboro High School and Tabor College are partnering with us to provide learning opportunities for our elementary students as we move forward with these healthy living goals.

Where it's at:

812 E. A St.
Hillsboro, KS 67063
United States

Garden type:

school/youth garden

Garden size (in square feet):


Garden beneficiaries:

children and at-risk youth

Number of people reached:


What this project needs:

community garden creation guidance
volunteer labor
fruit bushes
fruit trees
watering hose
compost bin

Project leaders:

Evan Yoder
Jamie Peters

About us:

KGI is a nonprofit community of over 30,000 people who are growing some of our own food and helping others to do the same.  

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Kitchen Gardeners International
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