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3 years 2 months ago
HELP! I recently moved from the City of Ypsilanti Michigan to the Township of Ypsilanti, Michigan to find that growing anything for kitchen use in the front yard is prohibited! I absolutely refuse to have a lawn, oh the wastefulness! How can I get the community I live in to see that gardens in the front yard is a good thing?
Hi, You have multiple options, depending upon your personality and how you prefer to communicate. These are in no particular order. 1. Till up the front yard, plant your garden, write to the local/regional papers/national papers and get some publicity. That's one way to open up some dialog about the issue. And find some like minded people who will be supportive of your endeavor. 2. Make friends with the planning board/zoning board or whoever is responsible for making the rules. Make sure you understand if there is any enforcement of this regualtion and how it is enforced. Make friends with those who are responsible for enforcing the regulation. 3. Propose a that some conservation land be set aside for community gardening...and let your front lawn grow, grow, grow! Wes Founder/Member Cape Cod Mushroom Club Author Cape Cod Mushroom Blog
Here's a great resource and a couple articles on what others are doing: Here is a recent NYTimes piece on the matter of front yard gardens and the battles going on in various locations nationwide: And ehre is the story of the folks behind food not lawns, and their confrontation of the 'no front lawn gardens'. There's plenty of support out there in communities around the country who will ahve a lot more (and most likely more useful) input than any of those who do not have this particular challenge to our gardening passions. Good luck and post back your results!
whoops. did some funky thing with those links. Hope you can copy them out and paste them okay! Sorry - I put them on separate lines but they didn't stay that way!
What a setback! I also think that you might try designing your front garden as a cottage garden with lots of ornamental edibles. This would not be a typical veggie garden in rows (is that what they are objecting to?) but a garden with lots of flowers and edibles intermixed. There are many beautiful and ornamental types of veggies available. (I know, in truth all veggies are beautiful, but you get my drift.) Check out Rosalind Creasy's website for some stunning visuals. Then, if need be, solicit public support for your lovely "landscaping." Good luck!



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