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St. Pius X School Garden

The primary goal of our student garden is to give our students the hands-on opportunity to learn, not only about how vegetables grow, but to also give them the opportunity to work together as a class and understand how fresh produce and the growing process helps to build life styles and environmental awareness. We want the students to learn this process and associate this process with their academic areas of learning such as math, science, art, social studies and life's learning skills.  We want them to learn how and when to plant, how to take care of their plants, and when to harvest. We want them to learn about the different vegetables and the uses for them.  We want them to use different recipes with the vegetables and to share them with the school community.  The fifth grade class has a major role in caring for our garden.  Through research on the internet and in books, the student learn about the vegetables.  They have been the leaders in making healthy snacks for the school and for educating the other classes.    It is our goal to be able to increase the size of our present garden so that we can in turn share our produce with those in need.

Where it's at:

2950 Ilger
Toledo, OH 43606
United States

Garden type:

school/youth garden

Garden size (in square feet):


Garden beneficiaries:

children and families

Number of people reached:


What this project needs:

expert technical assistance
community garden creation guidance
compost bin

Project leaders:

Jen Ohms
Sue Richardson

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KGI is a nonprofit community of over 30,000 people who are growing some of our own food and helping others to do the same.  

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