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School on Wheels Children's Garden

Three wooden garden boxes are a magical salve to our homeless children otherwise deprived from interacting with nature.  The three wooden boxes reside in a secured parking lot at School on Wheels, a place for after school and Saturday tutorial support for children temporarily housed in shelters in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles.The three wooden garden boxes tucked into a corner of cinderblock walls is the landscape for learning beyond books and classrooms, it is a garden designed, cared for, and loved by the children, and supported by volunteers from all corners of Los Angeles.  The sweet alyssum wafts through the air as the children savor some freshly picked chocolate mint and marvel at the lady bugs who wonderously found and  are eating aphids off of the broccoli leaves.  "Where did the lady bugs come from?" we muse.  The parking lot and cinderblock walls seem like an unlikely place for the bright red beauties to land, and the children are careful to go around them with the watering can. Watering is very popular, and the children clamor for the responsibility of keeping the tomatoes and other vegetables thriving. A pepper's growth is measured daily, the outbreak of cherry tomatoes celebrated, and the flowers sniffed with delight.  Three wooden boxes filled with dirt to a depth of twelve inches create a healing place that connects the children to the wonders, healthy bounty and hope offered from nature, a stark contrast to the sights, smells and experiences beyond.  

Where it's at:

600 E. 7th Street, Ste 109
Los Angeles, CA 90021
United States

Garden type:

shelter garden

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Garden beneficiaries:

at-risk youth and homeless people

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Michele Milner
Allison Maldonado

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