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Rush-Henrietta Garden Leaders

Research indicates that student belongingness, meaning that students feel accepted, respected, included, and supported, positively correlate with student success.  Our hope is that through the school community garden project, participating students will strengthen, further develop, and deepen their roots, or sense of belongingness with the Rush Henrietta High School community.  Our project will initially focus on students who are struggling learners, and who have cognitive and/or emotional delays. 

Our goals for the garden project are twofold.  One goal is to further engage our students who have difficulties interacting with the larger school community.  As a result of the proposed project, students will not only increase their interaction with their peers and school staff, but also have an instrumental role in passing on the knowledge and skills they have gained from the experience.  The other goal of the project is to generate and develop a culture of gardening within the school. 

We plan to accomplish our first goal by creating a raised vegetable and herb garden in the school courtyard, where our students will plant and maintain the garden.  Students previously participated in this experience, where they created an 8x4 foot raised bed and planted garlic.  The second garden bed will give students the opportunity to gain experience in growing other produce and create the foundation for the next set of students who will participate in this course.  

The classroom lessons that will result from the garden beds will assist students develop their critical thinking, planning, problem solving, and other practical hands on life skills.  Lesson plan topics will include: The plant cycle, seasons, the sun’s rotation, and soil quality.  The life skills that students will learn are: the process of planting vegetation, harvesting vegetables and herbs, how to measure produce for recipes, and the steps involved in following a recipe.

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1799 Lehigh Station Road
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school/youth garden

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Students with significant learning disabilities and School Community (High School students and staff)

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John Cochrane
Yamalis Hernandez

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