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Roscoe Healing Garden

~~It has been my dream as a new master gardener to develop a healing garden for the residents and staff of the nursing home and rehabilitation center in which I work as an occupational therapist.  It had been noted by the rehabilitation team that the residents were interested in the caring of our houseplants throughout the facility.  A project was initiated by the occupational therapist that involved residents in the building of terrariums for their rooms.  It was so successful that staff and visitors requested them and a planting project was hatched. 
The facility has 80 beds and a courtyard where the residents and their families may visit in a peaceful and safe environment out of doors. This location will be utilized with a 15 x 15 foot vertically arranged garden that will accommodate people in wheelchairs.  The garden will consist of herbs, colorful vegetables and edible flowers.  A room with south facing windows will become the location for a seedling table.  The gardens will be arranged to be enjoyed for their stimulation to the senses with scent, color and texture and taste.  All plantings will be nontoxic and will be organically developed. Food service will make use of plants in their meal planning and garnish.
This space will provide beauty and a location for meditation and reflection.  While at other times it will be a location for gatherings of residents and their families to celebrate and share a meal as picnic venue.  Our volunteers, staff, hospice workers, clergy, boys and girls clubs will also benefit by having a new space to share with our residents while also involving residents in the care and nurturing of the plants: planting, watering, weeding and harvesting. 

Where it's at:

420 Rockland Rd
Roscoe, NY 12776
United States

Garden type:

healing garden

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Garden beneficiaries:

disabled people and sick people

Number of people reached:


What this project needs:

irrigation system

Project leaders:

Mia Koerner
Joseph Koerner

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