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"Room To Grow" Garden

"Room to Grow" garden project will be a collaborative effort between Pinal County Juvenile Court, its Community Advisory Board (volunteers) and the Public Health Education Liason Program.

The goals for our garden project include: (1) To provide a positive lifestyle activity; (2) Teach agricultural/gardening skills; (3) Provide opportunity to learn about healthy eating; (4) create culinary opportunities.

Those to benefit from the project  include: Detained youth at our Youth Justice Center as well as community volunteers, victims and eventually local food banks.  By bringing in volunteer community members with gardening expertise, juveniles will learn valueable skills of working together, educating themselves about healthy eating alternatives, helping others (donating to local food banks), and selling some of their goods with the profits being used to provide restitution for victims of juvenile crime. All of this will help repair the harm caused by the crime they committed.  In doing so, the project will embrace the mission and vision of Juvenle Court Services which is to create a restorative approach to bring together the community, victim and offender.

The project name, "Room to Grow" reflects our vision  in three ways: (1) room for the juveniles to grow as an individual; (2) chance for the community to grow in partnership with the juvenile court system in our county; and (3) create a garden will grow and cultivate healthy food.


Where it's at:

1410 E Diversion Dam Rd
Florence, AZ 85132
United States

Garden type:

prison garden

Garden size (in square feet):


Garden beneficiaries:

at-risk youth and victims

Number of people reached:


What this project needs:

community garden creation guidance
fruit bushes
compost bin

Project leaders:

Donna McBride
Debbie Martinez

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