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Richland Gardens

~~Several residents in Richland County, Mansfield, Ohio are interested in a community garden that will benefit the on average 700 annual residents at the local homeless shelter, estimated 25 summer school students associated with the shelter and the community at large. The Richland Gardens project will be designed to not only provide fresh fruits and vegetables to those in need but will act as a learning tool for several inner-city adults and children. We will be planting vegetables and fruits in which volunteers and participants will be able to get their hands dirty, watch grow, learn how to maintain a garden and reap the rewards of fresh food. Sarah Leyba will be overseeing the project from designing the garden, making needed purchases of materials, transporting the materials and coordinating an effective volunteer schedule. Residents of the Harmony House homeless shelter, students involved in the summer program and other community members will be included for regular maintenance of the gardens which will include planting, watering, weeding and harvesting. Fresh produce will then be provided to the summer program participant’s families, the kitchen at the homeless shelter and the local community. By providing an active community garden we will be educating the public about growing they’re own healthy foods and encouraging a sense of community involvement. Richland County is a struggling community with an unemployment rate at 8.1%, whereas the national average unemployment rate is 7.3%. If awarded our community garden will help to create an interest and education in horticulture, farming and gardening in general, which very well may lead to more jobs and community enrichment.

Where it's at:

124 W Third St
Mansfield, OH 44902
United States

Garden type:

shelter garden

Garden size (in square feet):


Garden beneficiaries:

homeless people and children

Number of people reached:


What this project needs:

volunteer labor
garden cart
compost bin

Project leaders:

Sarah Leyba
Vicki Kane

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