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Sundried Tomato Paste

Mar 18, 2010
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Most of us use tomato paste in our cooking, this version is sundried. It can store on the shelf and the taste is richer as it is sundried.


25 kilos tomatoes cut into quaters - handful of salt


Place the cut tomatoes into a large container and sprinkle with the salt sit this in the sun for a couple of days until all the water has been drawn out. Get a sieve and rub this mix through you should only be left with the skins. Using a large tarp or sheet of plastic pour this mix onto it - make sure it is in the sun. (you will probably need to lift the corners of the tarp up so the tomato mix wont run off) You will see the water will evaporate and you will be left with a darkening tomato paste. When the water has all gone it should be a nice dark colour and firm to touch-not dried like jerky or a rollup. You can take all this mixture and store. ? have stored mine for up to a year and had no problems ? say up to a year as we ate it but it will store longer.

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