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Shakshuka and other variations

Mar 08, 2010
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This is a middle eastern stew that is eaten mainly for breakfast but is suitable and lovely for any meal. ?t is a tomato dish with eggs poached on top, but can be made out of many ingredients.


4 tomatoes 1 onion 1 sweet pepper 1 tablespoon tomato paste eggs chilli to taste salt and pepper oil


In a little oil saut? the onion, when soft add in the diced pepper and cook for about 5 minutes then add the tomatoes and tomato paste and cook for a further 10 minutes or until soft. If your tomatoes are a little dry you can add a little bit of water as you want the tomatoes to cook down to a nice paste. At this time you can add the salt, pepper and chili. What I do is usually allow one egg per person. After your tomato mixture has cooked down you crack the eggs directly into the frying pan, they should sit on top of the mix and poach nicely. I turn the heat off at this stage and cover to allow the eggs to poach. After 10 minutes or so you can serve. Sprinkle with a bit of chopped parsley or garlic greens if desired. If you have a larger family just add more tomatoes and eggs. The Turkish variation is called MENEMEN and is just as nice. After the tomato mixture has cooked down you stir in slightly beaten eggs then serve once the egg is cooked. You can make this with saut?ed spinach. Cook down an onion and spinach mix in a frying pan then spread this mix evenly over the base making wells for your eggs. Crack the eggs into the wells and leave your pan on a low heat and cover until the eggs are cooked then serve. Also with diced fried onion and finely chopped eggplants without the tomato paste just adding a little water to cook the eggplants until very soft then add the eggs into the mix and cover the pan until the eggs are poached. This is nice eaten as is with just some fresh bread but can be accompanied by salad, cheese and olives.

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