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Roasted rutabaga

Nov 18, 2006
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Kevin Weeks, chef and author of the Seriously Good food blog, has inspired us to roast up some rutabaga. Here's Kevin describing the process:


  • rutabaga
  • olive oil
  • herbs


So yesterday I bought a rutabaga, cut it up into 3/4" dice, tossed it with olive oil, dried Herbes de Provence, a bit of salt and pepper, and a spoon full of sugar (to encourage browning). Then I spread it out on a baking sheet and cooked it at 350F until the cubes were tender. This turned out to take about 45 minutes, which was half again as long as I'd expected. Nevertheless, with a bit more salt sprinkled over the cubes, the result was marvelously sweet -- almost like eating candy. Note that I didn't add enough sugar to the mixture for that to account for the sweetness. This is a definite keeper. I had it with lentil soup last night but it would be wonderful with pork or duck. Photo and text courtesy of Kevin Weeks

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