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Raspberry Freezer Jam

Jul 02, 2012

This delicious raspberry freezer jam does not require cooking, sterilizing jars, or processing. Just mix and freeze. 

Since there's no cooking involved, the jam retains that fresh-fruit taste, and is literally "bursting with flavor."


2 cups raspberries (mashed)

2 tablespoons instant pectin - for no-cook freezer jam

2/3 cup sugar


Use fresh raspberries that are ripe but firm.  Choose containers with straight sides (not inverted at the top).

Whisk the sugar and fruit pectin together in a bowl.  

Wash raspberries and mash them in a separate bowl. Add the sugar-pectin mixture to raspberries and mix well.

Ladle into clean freezer containers leaving 1/2 inch of headspace to allow for expansion in the freezer.  

Let mixture stand 30 minutes to set.  Freeze.

Note: Freezer jam does not set as thick as cooked jam.  

Do not double the recipe; make one batch at a time to aid in setting.

Makes 2 half pints.



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It is a wonderful recipe. Specially kids would love to eat it. And in this season it will be more interesting to taste it.

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