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Dec 18, 2011

Although this is a pickled garlic recipe, the instructions can be used to pickle any vegetable! Good luck. There is no yield below, due to there being only 6 cups of white apple cider vinegar..whatever sized jars that will fit into is how much you can pickle. Double it if you need to.. I buy my garlic already peeled from a little grocer down the street. My motto is "If you don't want their store to close, buy from them what you need" and their little family grocery sells me my garlic already peeled. Just like my local quilting shop sells me my fat quarters for my quilting needs, and my local carpenter sells me small scraps of wood for my crafting needs..etc..My garden may give me food that is clean of contaminants..but my neighbors need to run their business's too. It's a small thing to pay for already peeled garlic to keep my mom and pop store open when its too late in the season to grow my garlic and the neighborhood dogs have already dug up the rest.(laughing). So enjoy this recipe, tweak it how you may..and remember.. Good food is best when shared with those you love.

How much salt do you use? I can not see a list for the garlic recipe.
Hey Joel, I generally just use basic brine (PRESERING THE HARVEST GROUP) just like you did your peppers.  I don't use spices, since I don't want them discolored.  Do not use iodized salt for any pickling. has some interesting recipes for pickled garlic as well as a myriad of information.  I enjoy pickled garlic as a snack and it's good for you. Stay natural, David
I use the green box of pickling salt & followed a recipe, but my peppers are too salty for me. I need to use less then half of the old recipe & have been told no salt is needed if you use hot (slow boil)vineger & the jar seals.
I don't see a recipe?

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