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Pea Pod Wine

Nov 02, 2010

I was re-reading a book recently called 'Cowpasture'. 'The Everyday life of an English Allotment'. [1980] Its an interesting read, and in it i found this recipe for pea pod wine. "To make one gallon of wine, boil 5lbs of pods in a gallon of water for about 30 minutes or until tender.Strain off the liquor, add 3lbs of sugar and boil for another 30 minutes. Put into a fermenting bucket add the activated wine yeast [a heaped teaspoonful in warm water, allowed to work for 6 hours]. Allow to ferment vigorously for a week, then put into a fermenting jar with airlock to finish off in a warm place - in about three weeks. Syphon off into bottles and restrain yourself from drinking it. This wine made in july, is throwing a rather dry, delicate bouquet by Christmas. I,m told it is even better by the following Christmas". I,m sure everyone has seen the effect pea pod wine had in The Good Life. Glenn



The recipe is completely new for me & looking very delicious. I must try this as soon as possible & will update you after testing it. But I think I should follow the Cowpasture book to get some more nice recipes. wine spa
I too am intrigued with this recipe and I am going to try it out t his year! One question - do you think the peas are removed from the pods first? I mean, this is great if all you are using is compostable vegetation. Has anyone out there tried it yet?? We would love a review!
Hi Carol The peas are definitely removed. The idea is to use up something that would otherwise be waste. I,ve not made any as i do not do wine, but it is supposed to be quite strong [High in alcohol]. They drink home made pea pod wine in the 'Good Life' which is a 70's sitcom from the UK, with hilarous results. Glenn

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