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Will tomatoes grow from seed with no direct sun?


Tomatoes are considered to be a crop requiring "full sun" to grow and produce fruit where full sun means at least 6 hours of direct sun per day. So, growing them with less sun that will be a challenge. It might be possible to get a crop if you're using mature transplants, but starting from seed will add to the challenge. Your best bet would be to try a cherry tomato variety that is known to produce early.

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I planted tomato seeds and got more plants than I thought I would. I kept transplanting them until I had 7 plants. I have them on my closed-in terrace with large windows all around. They don't get direct sun, but lots of light. I've had little yellow flowers appear and then seem to close up and die. Any suggestions?

I have grown tomatoes under the conditions you describe & I cannot recommend it! The info above is correct, tomatoes do need direct sun & from the start! One spring I had tomatoes started in redwood tubs & it seemed much too cold to move them outside. I put them in a west window, somewhat shaded by a tree, with indirect side light from south & north windows. They got big & viney, were moderately attractive as houseplants, with pruning & since they were cherry tomatoes, set a few fruits to please a very small child, who didn't know any better. When the weather warmed up my big tomato plants refused to have anything to do with outdoors! With the slightest hint of an outdoor breeze or direct sun they went into a shocky, overall wilt. They wouldn't even stand for outdoor shade. In dramatic contrast, a friend had planted from the very same transplant batch into her new outdoor raised kitchen garden bed, for her very first garden ever! Her tomatoes got full south sun & she covered them at night from cold & frosts with tarps & blankets. At the point my viney, delicate tomatoes refused to go outdoors, Lynda's tomatoes were covered with dark green dense foliage & looked as robust as little Sumo wrestlers. She got a great tomato crop! PP As for the disappearing flowers, tomatoes are "self pollinating" with a little help from their friends, so you might try flicking the flowers with your finger to help the process along. PP Your terrace room sounds lovely & we could talk about some of your growing options that would thrive in your setting.
Excellent blog post...Thank you so much for this valuable information on growing tomatoes in the garden. Minnesota Landscaping [1][1]
Thanks, Robert. Our garden zones are similar, I'm in zone 4 - make that 3-5 - in the mountains of central Idaho. Your website is an excellent view of your sustainable landscaping approach in Minnesota. I've been head garden designer & worked with crew on some large installations & properties here. I will return to see & learn more. 



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