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Roger Doiron
Why are my tomatoes bursting open before they turn red?


The most likely cause of this is a large dose of water after a prolonged dry spell. The tomato's skin simply can stretch quickly enough.

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Radial cracking is most common & results in most fruit damage. It occurs more often during rainy periods when the temerature is relatively high(above 90 F), especially when rain follow a long dry period-conditions which promote extremely rapid growth. Radial cracking is most severe on ripening & full-ripe fruits. Tomatoes exposed to the sun develop more cracks than those well-covered with foliage. .....maintaining a uniform water supply through the use of irrigation or mulches, & keeping a good foliage cover will help reduce cracking.   NOTE:This is from "All About Tomatoes" a Ortho book-south edition-copyright 1976 Page 60. This is a good book on Tomatoes, I have used it for years.



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