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julissa guerrero
Where I can find Organic grape vines?
Since your question seems to include growing organic grapes - I would suggest a Google search for < "organic" grape vines >  with the quotes. This brings up info about growing grapes organically & you can select for a fit with your growing location climate.  It may be that some of the articles would have regional sources for organically raised vines. Please let us know if you find some choice sources! I have always grown everything organically - but I have never made the effort to source from an organic-only plant nursery. I have seen plenty of grape vines regarded as organic once they are growing in organic gardens. :-)
Organic Grape Cuttings I am starting a new homestead vineyard and I think the best way is to find some grapes you like and then take some cuttings and plant them in gallon pots and let them root from spring to fall and then plant them in your new vineyard in the winter when they are dormant. This is very easy to do. Just cut your favorite vine leaveing 4 leaf nodes and place two below the soil and two above. Two will root and one or two will leaf out. I place 2 or 3 cuttings in each pot as some do not take. I root them in sand with no rooting compounds although those might help. I place some wax on the tips to keep them from drying out. I also love to raise vegetables and have a free online gardening course Good luck on your grape cuttings   Farmer Dave
Hi Dave I read about a good way to take hardwood cuttings some years ago. You prepare a small area of ground with grit sand and fine compost say four feet square and rake smooth. Around the egde you dig a shallow channel about 3 inches deep. Lay some black plastic sheet on the bed and tuck the edges into the dug channel to keep the plastic firmly in place. Push the hardwood cuttings through the plastic and into prepared soil. You can put quite a lot into an area four feet square. A place out of full sun is best.   Glenn   
A friend here who has an organic farm in the Adelaide Hills just puts grape vine cuttings in her sawdust pile and they strike well. Greetings to all from South Australia and happy gardening. Cheers Maggie
I have muscadine cutting in now. I was a little late pruning the vines & late putting the cutting out. But they look heathly at this time, should be ready in 6 -8 weeks. I always wait til the leaves & vine starts to grow, then check them. My cutting are 6-8 inches(15-20cm) long, should have 3-4 buds & one bud showing out of the soil. I cut the end at 45 degree & lay the angle flat on a block of wood to cut the tip off. This is to remove wood fibers(hair like) that could sour the cutting. I have used root hormone, but not the 60 or so cuttings that put in this Spring.
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On a side note, after you plant, be careful of the "powdery mildew" fungus disease. It's most common in wet & humid parts of the country. If you can plant in a place with good air circulation, you should be ok.- Barry



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