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Where can I obtain wolfberry (goji) seeds?

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I live in Iceland and have a greenhouse in my garden. Does anyone know where I can buy wolfberry (goji) seeds ? Hello in Iceland, Erla - This link offers 50 organic Wolfberry Seeds for ~ $3.00 USD. There were more links at a Search for "wolfberry seeds+goji." I have never seen Wolfberry before - it looks beautiful & promising for nourishment - like big, wild tomato berries! Have you grown it in your greenhouse before? Please tell us more! You are the only Icelandic gardener i see on the KGI map - I garden in zone 4 @ 6500' in the Rock Mountains high desert in central idaho. Maybe we should try Wolfberry!
I found plants and seeds at There may be an "s" after Herb in the email address. I ordered the plant - it is a vining shrub and very hardy. It needs full sun. The plant was 28.95 and another 14 for shipping- it had better in very good shape for that price. I will let you know. Happy growing! Susan



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