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What's eating my basil?
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Something is eating my Basil ... I think it is a skinny green looking worm/catepillar, I've only seen 2 but there are lots of holes in my basil leaves. I read somewhere to use spray bottle with water and dish soap .. but how much?  And is this the optimal remedy?  For a long time my basil was nice shiny green leaves, but now not so much.  I have 2 plants by my tomato plants and I think the basil keeps tomato bugs / worms away ... none this year.  But my basil on the side of the house is now being eaten by something too. 

Crops sometimes get a bit buggy late in the season when their main crop vigor has passed. My approach would be to take the hose & sprayer over & just wash-down the basil & the basil area at watering time. I find that most bugs you wash off don't make it back. Plant health is best if you don't wet your crops going into nightfall - but it sounds like you too live in a dry climate.



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