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What's the difference between bulbing and leafing fennel?


Fennel is a plant species with two main cultivar groups, bulbing fennel (also referred to as finocchio or "Florence fennel) and leaf fennel. Florence fennel plants are smaller than their leafy cousins. Their swollen leaf bases are eaten as a vegetable, both raw and cooked. The chances are good that you purchased the leafing variety, but time will be the best judge of that. In both cases, you can harvest the leaves and add them to salads and dressings. Photo credit: Civvinna

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I bought an annual fennel plant. Is it the same plant which produces fennel bulbs, or is that a different type of fennel plant?

I'm confused, are you asking about the specific plant in the photo? Because that definitely looks like a bulbing fennel to me!
PS I love fennel! That plant looks yummy!



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