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best way to organize seeds
What's the best way to organize my seeds?


We put this question to KGI's facebook page members and hads the following feedback. Although people used different systems, there is some consensus around storing seeds according to sowing date/season.  


Kate: I have 4 shelves of seeds in a cupboard. Each shelf is a season. Each shelf has 2 trays. One tray is early in the season, one is late season. I also have a tool box into which I put all the seeds I want to sow now, and I change that whenever the season...See 

Karl: Almost 350 cultivars in envelopes, separated by family.

Anette: During storage in bunches by crop family and bunches by approx sowing time. Chilies, peppers, tomatoes, onions, brassicas, salads tec... . Flowers during spring by sowing week.

Meredith: I organize by crop family, grouped by planting frequency (one box is full-season crops, the other succession crops). Once I have my seasons planting plan, I sometimes pull the packets to plant and order by sowing date, particularly during the height of sowing weeks. But I tend to find that frustrating as the plan starts to adjust to weather and my schedule.

Laura: I have vegetables and fruits alphabetically, then a separate section for flowers.

Allison: Flowers, herbs, food. Further splits: Spring sow, Fall sow, Winter sow, winter-start-indoors (we don't have a summer sow season.)

Sol: I put together stuff that can be sown together at the same time. For example, carrots, radishes lettuce and peas, all in one bag. I have stuff to start indoors together: tomatos, peppers, eggplant.

Nancy: By sowing date.

Beverley: Vegetables alphabetical, flowers separate box. Not working, think I might join the sowing date crew.

Mark: I try to do it by starting/sowing times but then it gets to be a mess with things sown multiple times.

Deniz: Herbs (chives, basil…), edible flowers (calendula, borage…), winter crops (spinach, kale…), fruit&trees (kiwi, carob…) and a few other miscellaneous. Not alphabetical or by sowing date. Another crazy non-system of my own.  I mostly do container gardening indoors and keep some extra to give to friends' gardens.

Jennifer: System? What is thing you speak of? I feel lucky that all my seeds are in one spot, a bin in the drawer I keep my pruners are gloves in.

Myra: Crop family. That's usually close enough to sowing date (and I'm not organized enough to sort them more finely)

Gail: Time of year, month and dates.

Aletha: I'm planning to reorganize based on companion planting.

Carol: Time of year to plant.

Jess: Plant families or things that have similar characteristics: alliums, roots, Cabbage and kin, greens, tomatos, peppers, etc.

Broadfork Farm: Direct seeded crops are separated from ones grown as transplants. For transplants, we have a bin for Solanaceas, Brassicas, Head lettuce, Alliums.....Herbs are all together. They're all stored in plastic bins with lids. For direct seeded crops, beans and peas are together (in larger bins), and greens are together. Carrots, beets, and radishes are together.Nothing is alphabetical.

Love: By crop family and sowing date, which often goes together. Herbs, brassicas, nightshades, carrots, grains, flowers, etc. Sowing date is probably the most important. Worth doing so you don't miss planting that exotic radish you wanted to try because it got mixed in with the tomatoes. Just having a smaller number to go through at a given time helps a lot. I don't alphabetize.



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