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What would people recommend for my onions? I started them from seed but they are sort of floppy. They are under lights but they don't look like they will be ready to go outside any time soon. Should I feed them?
It's normal for onions started from seed to get shaggy and floppy-looking. If you haven't yet trimmed them, you should as that will take some of the weight off and help keep them upright. You may need to feed them depending on how tightly spaced they are and amount of nutrients available in your potting mix.
... and you can use the young trimmings like chopped Chives ...
... oops on positioning - I entered the chopped Chives comment in Reply to Roger's answer ...
Muskwa: I would not cut them. They need the foliage to photosynthesize. Do feed them at half strength with fish emulsion, and give them more light... move them closer or add more bulbs.



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