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I am a beginner gardener and new to Minnesota. I would love to here specifics of the garden tasks you are accomplishing right now or planning for the next week, so I can get going! If you tell me what you are doing, that will help me know what I can be doing, too! Thanks!  If you have a blog about gardening in Minnesota, please post the link!   Plus: I would love to hear your thoughts on growing my crops of interest (keep in mind I'm a newbie): asparagus, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, kale, calendula, cucumbers-and-yellow-squash (I'd like to do on trellis), cilantro, rhubarb, spinach, microgreens, lettuce, bell peppers, melons, pumpkin, sunflower, 

A Google search on *Minneapolis garden blogs* turns up some organic gardening blogs. On the Star Tribune website, if you search *garden blogs* there are quite a few, with photos that lead to your particular stage or interests. Searching your crop interests on this kgi website may turn up some good ideas on growing them, as well as context. If I were new to an area, I'd try to find a garden club & see how different people lay out their gardens ...



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