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What is an effective way of controlling stink bugs organically?

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I am in central Maryland.

So far I've not had a problem, but it seems to be nation wide.  The following information is from Howard Garrett's newsletter ( The Dirt Doctor Control is:    For those bugs inside the house or office – vacuum them and throw in the trash.    Outdoors, the prevention is to have an organic program and encourage birds, lizards, frogs, toads, beneficial insects and lots of good microbes. Trichogramma wasps should be released anyway for the control of various caterpillars, and they just might help with control of this pest.         Outdoors the cure is to spray the killing organic pest control products. The options include orange oil-based products, neem products, Eco-EXEMPT and EcoSMART products. Garrett Juice Plus with Bio Wash added is a great foliar feed that works as an effective repellent for various pests. Stay natural,   ·       
I had some advice given to me some time ago to grow Jerusalem Artichoke or Radish in the problem areas to see a reduction, and can confirm that either of these will improve the situation. It wont get rid of all of them, just controlled.
I live i New Zealand and we have a green shield shaped bug that may be the same as you call 'stink bug' . I have been told that planting cleome flowers around beans or anything else that is susceptible to stink bug invasion will make the stink bug go for the cleome rather than your vegetable. Karen
The best solution for you would be to just make a call to a pest control service and they will list you all the options. There are natural ways to control pests but it's best to know them all before you decide for one.



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