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sharon mieczkowski
What is the easiest way to kill grass in my backyard in order to put in a small garden? I am disabled.
Basically two answers - one is to just cover it. Some people use layers of newspaper, grass clippings, almost anything if it is reasonably deep. Or you can spray on RoundUp or something similar. <Apologies in advance to organic gardners, but it is an option - and takes very little labor.> Either method takes some patience, as you need to apply the treatment and just leave it alone for at least a couple weeks.
I like to decide what I want to do & then see if *we* can work that out. The ideal way to clear an area for a small garden, would be to enlist someone who has rented a sod-cutter to cut the sod. This would take only minutes for a small garden. The sod can be laid upside-down on the bottom of your new garden beds & will NOT grow more grass upside down. This preserves the vital beneficial microbial life in your soil. You need ~6" minimum loose soil over that to start growing vegetables ...



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