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What can I grow with very limited space and sunshine?
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Hi, I'm a new comer in kitchen gardening.Initially I tried to grow spinach from seeds but failed.Now after watching videos and reading lot of stuff on kitchen gardening again I'm interested in it. But in my apartment gallery i hardly get sunlight for 3-4 hrs in afternoon so pls suggest me which seeds should i sow in which season and how to take care of tat.As well as pls guide me how to keep my plants away from pests. I have some rose plants, so here i'm trying to attach few pics of them.

Hi! This is not an easy question and I do not have any easy and fast solutions for this.3-4 hours of sunlight per day is not very much to sustain much growth and indoor sunlight is weaker than outside.Of course,living at low latitudes helps in this.If You go and take a look at ,You may consider using a window with more sun exposure.I think,pests are less a concern indoors than outside.Something important: plants sense the season by the length of the day and artificial light as we use it in our homes will be felt as daylight by the plant,although it's not worth much for productive growth.So,by our use of home lighting and due to prevailing temperatures in homes a plant will easily think that it lives a temperate summer all year long. With Friendly Greetings,antonis
I have a small area with llimited sunlight that I grow green onions in. I buy them in the produce department and just plant them in regular soil mixed with organic garden soil. They take root quickly. On weekend mornings, I snip a few of the green tops off for our omelets. I''ve also had luck with buying a head of "live" butter lettuce that has the roots still at the bottom and planting it in limited sunlight areas. Just keep it watered well!
Please check *community gardens in Pune* on Google Search. If you could find a community garden in which to do some growing, you could bring home more mature potted food-plants for a while & rotate them back to a sunnier spot. Mature plants will stand low sun much better than young plants. Malabar Spinach would provide you an attractive long-harvest plant with tasty, edible greens - emerald green.
I, too, tried to grow spinac from seeds, ut failed.I wemttotally bythe books,and hadplenty of light. Why is that so diffiult? Can't be bed seeds all the time, that they are selling us - or can it.? It is SO disappoiting.
Spinach should be easy from seed, especially in Iceland, since Spinach likes cooler temperatures. It's worth getting your first seeds from a really trusted source or seed company - that eliminates some of the variables ... Try again. Good luck!



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