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What are the best/easiest ways to control weeds?
Don't let them get started----> Mulch, mulch, mulch!
Smother them with organic goodness once they have started -----> Mulch, mulch, mulch!
Pull em! haha In addition to the above, if you are able to be on target with a spray bottle, herbicidal vinegar can work well to keep them down. HOWEVER, the vinegar doesn't distinguish between weeds and plants. This would be best for pathways and such to keep them from invading.
Mulch is good. Three more things - (1) Once I had a really good composting setup I welcomed fresh weeds to add into the layers for their trace minerals! Rudolf Steiner writes about how weeds tell you how your soil is working to balance the nutrients, bringing up micro-nutrients via deep roots; (2) I love the stretching & bending of weeding, a little at a time; and (3) I wear gloves - from a plain-brown-knit- cotton collection - & stick a fork into the soil to loosen roots before pulling. This all makes me feel quite invincible. :-)
1. Mulch 2. Identify the weeds and find out if they are edible and how to use them. (a lot of weeds actually are healthier than the vegetables we would rather be growing) Then when you are weeding pretend you are harvesting! Include dandylion, chickweed, purslane, gallant soldier etc. in every salad. even after it has flowered dandylion can be used in small amounts (it is bitter -but so is arugula!) 3. Keep garden space filled at all times - use cover crops.



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