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Karen Rutberg
We have 27 4x12 raised beds whose produce will be going to a food pantry once per week. We would appreciate suggestions on plants that are: - delicious eaten RAW - fast to grow / high yield per sq ft / easy to grow - easy to portion - travels well Thank you!
Tony Bülow
Pinns at the KGI worldmap
Aida Baeza
what soil for planting lapageria rosea
I'm very interested to see if anyone has any Red Velvet seeds to share. I can send SASE or perhaps trade some of my selection of seeds.
What will grow now in Arizona (Phoenix metro)?
When is the right time to plant sweet potatoes?
Anybody out there working with students aged 11-15 who would be interested in forming a kind of pen pal initiative where they can discuss with each other what they are doing/ what is happening in their garden/fields??
What are companion plants?
My broccoli plants, in containers, do not have tight heads and have begun to flower. What's wrong?
Has anyone been into smoothie-fertilizing?
why do clumps of tiny garlic plants come up everywhere it was harvested last year?
when is the best time to plant potatoes in zip 63901




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