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Barbara Damrosch
How do I save tomato seeds?
david e kelley
How do I make and use soil blocks for seed starting?
Jeane Erpenbach
Can I use the left over straw from growing my potatoes for compost even though some of the potatoes were diseased?
Too late for turnips?
My beefsteak tomatoes are huge, but one side is ripe and the other is still green. What causes this?
How do I harvest celery?
How do I harvest beet seeds?
Where can I obtain wolfberry (goji) seeds?
Is there any problem w/cutting some of the leaves on zucchini or crooked neck squash. I have a raised bed and limited space
When is the best time to pick jalapenos? Green or Red?
Why are my tomatoes still green?
Farmer Dave
What are some good home made remedies for lawn weed control, pest control, fungus control, and fertilizer that really work.




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