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Starting up my first kitchen garden, does anyone have any good tips?

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I have grown a few veggies in the past and have been into gardening for some years but this year I would really like to start trying to grow my own vegetables and fruit. I have got some sweet corn, cabbage, spinach, carrots, purple sprouting broccolli, strawberries, tomatoes and pumpkins. Also some herbs basil, parsley, chives and coriander. I would also like to grow beans, butternut squash, potatos and garlic. Any tips would be greatly accepted before I go out there and end up with a disaster creature feast?

Start with only four or five crops. Read as much as you can about each one before starting out. Learn to distinguish between warm and cool weather crops and plant according to the season. Build good soil. Soil is the heart of the garden.
Compost. Compost. Compost. It's ALL about the soil (well, mostly). Don't kill yourself doing it, either. Build UP & don't worry about digging or tilling -- just keep adding. You can make a bed that has sides or just build it up layer by layer.
It doesn't hurt to know a little about Your sub-soil layers,it's drainage properties and such,and make some effort to loosen them up. How deep? As deep as You care to go,but I would say at least one foot deep.
Your spinach, carrots, broccolli, cabbage and strawberries are cold weather crops, the rest shouldn't be planted until after the last frost date for your area. Also, the strawberries are perennials, so don't plant them in your "annual" garden. Have a special separate area for those to enjoy year after year! Of the herbs, the parsley and chives are also perennials and tolerant of cold weather. One other thing-tomatoes have deep roots and like to be planted deep--roots will grow out of the buried stem, so I dig a hold 12-18" deep, fill it with a mix of egg shells, compost and the native soil and bury the seedlings up to about 2/3 of their height. Enjoy!
Yes... start with great soil.



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