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Does anyone have experience with true potato seeds and know of a source for additional varieties?
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Having years ago amused myself by letting seeds from potato "fruit" germinate, I know first-hand that this tends to yield very poor relations. However, to fill out my Yacon order with Nichols gardens last year I bought some potato "true seeds" (eg: not tubers; actual seeds) of a variety called Zolushka. These ended up being fabulous:productive, beautiful, fairly tasty, and easy. And made me want to include more potatoes from true seeds next year. Does anyone have experience with true seeds and know of a source for additional varieties?

Sorry, it's too warm to grow potatoes here, but Seed Savers Exchange has different heirloom varieties of seed potato, and their seeds are always great quality, so I'd expect their potato seeds to be the same. They are at Nichols Garden Nursery has Zolushka. This will take you to their online catalog (which I hate, but they just changed to online instead of paper this year...)



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