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Something's eating my green bean plants. Any advice?
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I've got a small plot in a community garden, and I'm having trouble with my green bean plants. It seems something keeps nibbling on them. I'm fairly sure it's not bugs or slugs, so I'm assuming rabbits or squirrels (or maybe rats?).

What can I do, organically, to let the beans grow up so I can eat them instead.

If it were my neighborhood in the Idaho mountains, I would guess small rabbits. We see them at all hours of the day - not particularly nocturnal. I have had pretty good luck deterring animals from my gardens with a light sprinkling of hot Cayenne pepper at traffic entrance points. I take it your bean plants are still small? If it were deer, they are dusk & dawn grazers & can do quite delicate damage. You can lay out nursery flats in the walking areas, since the deer I have met will avoid *bad* footing ...
We've had deer nibbling away on our green beans this year- I will try the nursery flats idea!



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