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Questions! - Depth of beds - living in PA and wondering if I can go with 2"x12" boards and if I should go 24" deep or if 12" is deep enough for my raised beds. Also, what should I use to fill them with? What type of mix? Can I used gravel at the base for drainage? Should I be lining the very bottom of the beds with screen to keep the grass from coming through?
I think 12" should be fine for most veggies. You could try mixing compost with the soil already there. Usually, adding compost to soil lightens it, so that gravel at the bottom is not necessary. Screen won't keep out grass and may ultimately impede root growth, but 12" of topsoil/compost should smother it. As it decomposes, it will become a nice layer of composted material beneath the bed. You may want to dig up grass in a narrow border around your bed, as it has a habit of sneaking into nooks and crannies of the wooden structure. Start small with more shallow rooted vegetables. As the grass layer underneath disappears, you'll have even deeper loam for deeper rooted vegetables.



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