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Peppers started in soil blocks have yellowish leaves
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I start 200-300 tomato and pepper in soil blocks then transplant into solo cups with promix and foliar feed with a fish/seaweed blend weekly.

Can anyone give an answer why some varieties of peppers, even some individual plants from some vatieties are not the dark green I see in most of my plants but a yellow colour.

Why are tomato leaves purple?

All plants are treated to the same watering regimen, foliar feeding regimen, lights etc etc.


any advice gratefully received

Peppers - Yellow colour: I would ask if they might be getting too much fertilizer. Tomato Leaves - Purple colour: I would ask if they might not be warm enough.
Thanks. Temperature may be an issue with tomatoes, my basement is about 65ºc As for fertilizer for peppers. They all get a dose of foliar feed (1/2 strength mix of each fish emulsion and seaweed) every 2 weeks. However 1/2 batch are yellow and the other half dark green. They are all under the same lights, same batch of potting mix and same watering schedule.



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