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Mary Haven
As February 1 has come and gone can I asume that Mary Haven will not be a receipiant of a food garden grant? I haven't seen any press release identifying those organizations that are receipiants. Do you have a mechanism that would provide me with feedback on how we can make our application stronger in the future? Alex Pearl
I submitted an application for theSow It Forward Grant. I received the confirmation upon submitting it however, I did not receive an email nor did I have I heard anything... Should I assume my school did not receive the grant?
Rosey Rosey
milk thistle
How do I grow Milk Thistle?
Have you made decisions about the garden grant yet?
Hi, I cannot reset my password because it asks for my current password, but as I am a new member, I never had one! Please help, this is a fabulous website and I look forward to joining in! Thank you, Sarah
I bought spring bulbs from the store and they are flowering already. It is February in Pennsylvania so Can I transfer those outside to my garden or is it too early. I haven't planted those before.
Willamette Univ...
How do I post a blog on this site? I filled in the form under "blog" and saved but then kept getting a "this is not a valid URL" message. Additionally, I did not see a "post blog" button. Thanks for any help you can offer.
I submitted a Sow It Forward proposal for the Goodwin College Community Garden. Was it received?
I submitted the grant request. Should I expect an email?
How can I grow a large variety of vegetables in my home? What do I need? Can I grow carrots next to lettuce etc... First time trying this out, I need HELP!
I wanted to check to see if my grant submission was received. I didn't get any confirmation. Thanks.
Mary Ellen Bonelli
I am trying to grow basil and parsely inside (from seeds) and they are very weak and leggy and seem to have stopped growing, what do I need to do to get them to be strong and flourish? I have them in a sunny window; but it is winter here, do I need a flourecent light or a warmer spot?




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