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My Strawberry bed is very crowded. Any advice on thinning them in the fall.
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How advanced is your growing season? I would be tempted to dig/pot-up some younger runners early in the season. That will give your main plants better growing room. And you'll have plants to swap, sell or gift. Have the plants you might move bloomed or set fruit yet? Don't move them while blooming - but after fruit-set I think you could still move them without setting them back hard. Best would be when they are fully-hydrated & in the evening, so that they have overnight to recover before responding to daylight.
What I have read about strawberry patches is that your main plants will produce well for about three years, if well taken care of. So you want to be aware of plant ages & favor some of the newer plants that will be your main plants in the future. I usually pot up rooting runners into 4" pots set out in the strawberry patch. And as above ... :-)



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