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I wanted to check to see if my grant submission was received. I didn't get any confirmation. Thanks.
Mary Ellen Bonelli
I am trying to grow basil and parsely inside (from seeds) and they are very weak and leggy and seem to have stopped growing, what do I need to do to get them to be strong and flourish? I have them in a sunny window; but it is winter here, do I need a flourecent light or a warmer spot?
Hi Folks, I have a question about appropriate ground cover around some raised beds.
I live near the cost in Southern California (Long Beach) and had these beautiful berries crop up near my black raspberries. It looks like the black currants that my grandmother used to pick. Not sure. Help!?!?
Can we archive back dated e-magazine of KGI in this new site!!
Chad Everett
How to leverage gardeners to support local food pantries?
Hi, I've started to grow my own salad veggies a month ago, so I'm a beginner. One of the herbs I planted was salad rocket. I have struggled to find information about what time of the year you should plant it so I planted it a month ago, in October (spring in South Africa - lots of rain). I read that once it flowers, that's it, the plant will start tasting bitter and you'll need to buy more seedlings. My one month old rocket (one of 5) is already about 30cm tall and it's flowering! I would like to know if anyone has tips for growing rocket and to growing more seedlings yourself instead of having to buy it every time. Many thanks, Luiza
Is fhere anything by name TUBE COMPOST?
Roger Doiron
preserving mint
What's the best way to preserve mint?
The Family Food...
Has anyone grown parsley root before?
Any experience helping "newbies" in housing projects?
harvesting chard
What's the best way to harvest chard?




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