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marilyn parise
Hi, I live in Australia and cant plant my garlic until march. will it be ok stored in the fridge til then. I grow lots of bulbs and they are best kept in the fridge until winter planting for spring blooms. Is garlic being a bulb treated the same way as a say daffodil or tulip bulb
How do I get an application for 2016?
Karin Ahmed
I just discovered Kitchen Gardeners, so I missed the November grant deadline. Will there be more grants awarded for the 2016 growing season? Thanks!
Betty Faust
I twice filled out the form to apply for a grant. I saved it and tried to return to edit it and each time it disappears. Where does it go? Why can´t I find it?
Betty Faust
Canal after planting with Maya cultigens
We need help managing weeds on a tropical canal system.
Vicky Lake
How to begin?
Brandi Skinner
Mary Hannahan
I am new to KGI. I live in Western Wisconsin and want to grow some lettuce indoors for the fall, maybe some herbs too. I know this is simple stuff, but I am wondering where to buy my lettuce seeds from?
UrbanPlanty team is asking for YOUR help
Tim Basil
What is your opinion about one of those smart irrigation devices which claim to reduce the water consumption to the minimum required by our plants? Could they be the solution to water restrictions? Has anyone got a direct experience?
Hello everyone I am looking for a grant to further my all natural produce and plant business . Also to teach more youth the importance of agriculture and how it affects our world can any one help me any business out there who would be willing to keep tomorrows agriculture in tact
Massey Farms
How do the grant funding work to help us get started to growing food. We are attempting to grow now on a small level but could really use knowledge on how make what we are doing on a bigger level.




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