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In Kenya, I used to make Sukuma Wiki, using kale. When I make it here in MA, the kale available doesn't look, nor tastes like, what I ate in Kenya. What type of kale is grown in Kenya, and can I get it (or the seeds) here? Will it grow in the MA climate (zone 6)? Please advise, and thanks in advance for your help.
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The kale I ate in Kenya was not curly leaf, rather, it was evenly smooth. It was a dark green and  had long stems. I lived there from 1987-1990, so my memory is not a good as it was. If you could give me the latin name for the kale I am looking for, I can continue my search online. Thanks again!

Dinosaur Kale is not curly leaf, maybe it is what you seek. If you do find out what variety it is and are having a hard time finding a seed source, try Seed Savers Exchange. BTW, I looked up Sukuma Wiki - it sounds delicious. I'll have to try it!



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