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Is it too late to plant asparagus crowns? Do I soak them fiirst?
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I'm in zone 7, rocky soil, good drainage with full sun.

It's not too late.  Soaking them is always a good idea.  You'll need to amend that rocky soil so that it has good tilth.  Don't expect to harvest the spears for 2-3 years.  Plant away. Stay natural, David
I agree, plant now. Depth 8 to 10 inches deep in a trench 12" min wide. Spread roots out over a small centr mound, cover roots to the top of the eye. As the shoots develop fill in the trench allowing 3-4 inches of shoot exposed, continue filling until trench is at ground level.Keep well watered. Let asparagus fern out the next 2-3 years to strengthen the root. IF a soil test indicates the need, apply a high Phrosporus fertilizer, with low Nitrogen in fall. Keep well watered



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