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Is it posible to harvest crops planted in a greenhouse year-yound?

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I want to know when you plant crops like tomato, onion, cucumber, brinjal/eggplant in a greenhouse whether it's possible to harvest year round from the same plant.

guru > madurai > India About Me: a businessman cum farmer. i am interested to promote the concept of Kitchen garden incorporated with Green House farming and drip irrigation. Also i am interested to promote Agro and Eco tourism in tamilnad-India Yes, It is possible to harvest crops year round in a greenhouse. Much depends upon what you have to work with for sun, temperatures & size. Please tell us more & I can provide you with some appropriate example links - and some hands-on input ...  :-) What is your lattitude in Tamilnad, India? Of the crops you list, tomatoes & cucumbers are grown commerically & profitably in warm greenhouses. I can ask greenhouse grower friends with warm greenhouses how long their same tomato & cucumber plants produce & what their production rotation looks like. At present I don't know about commercial greenhouse production of onions of eggplant/brinjal. A friend who has tomatoes vining in her sunporch/bathroom says they are productive after three years, but they are for her personal use. How large a business/farm greenhouse do you envision? Are your four sons old enough to help you? what an enjoyable learning place for children. Looking forward ...  
We have a 50 foot greenhouse, and we grow tomatoes , peppers, and cucumber and even summer squash in the fall and winter. We keep the greenhouse heater from going under 55 degrees at night, and usually doen't run that much during the day. But then again, if we didn't have that heater, I am not sure we could grow all those things.



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