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I submitted a Sow It Forward proposal for the Goodwin College Community Garden. Was it received?
Our system provides two confirmations, one on our website and the other via email a few minutes after you submit. Did you not receive one?
II didn't see the acknowledgement on the webiste. I am a grant writer: the project director who is the contact person would have received the email but she is not answering her phone. I hope she hasn't left for the day, as if the submission wasn't received, I want to correct today, before the deadline.
Roger, I also submitted a grant application yesterday but have not received an e-mail confirmation. I will also continue looking for an acknowledgement on the website but as of yet, have not seen anything like that. I hope that I've not missed out now that the deadline has passed.
Wait, maybe I did get one of what was explained. By website, does that mean the "Thank you for submitting" message? Then yes, that popped up right after submitting. But I did not receive a specific e-mail.



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