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How can I have better results with my kitchen garden?

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I have a small kitchen garden and spend a lot of money to get the right kind of seelings/manure/pesticides etc but am not getting good results ,Either the pests destroy the plants or even if they do not and I get a good flowering but fruits do not follow .Where am i going wrong?

I think, You have been misled into trying to buy gardening success with money. This is impossible, grossly. You don't need to buy much stuff. You need sunlight and water, in the right measure, You need the right plants for your climate planted at the right season, and most of all you need healthy soil, rich in well composted organic matter, which you can gather and compost yourself, at least in most cases. If several kinds of weeds grow on your soil and you find several kinds of bugs and worms in it upon digging, none in great excess and dominant, then your soil is fine.(exception: regularis regularis, the common worm; having this one excessively is very good) You may have even poisoned your soil with extended pesticide use. Usually you don't need any. Walk around and find gardens that look healthy and vigorous. talk to the owners and reject those who use much pesticides chemical fertilizers and ,god forbid, GMO. Step into those gardens which are free of the latter and yet show vigorous growth. Grab a handful of soil.Compact it, crumble it. Feel it and smell it. This is the kind of soil you need.Talk to the keepers of those gardens. Should a gardener be excessively interested in your money leave him alone. If the garden you are standing in fulfils the criteria I have outlined above its gardener will rarely be very interested in your money.These gardeners are usually calm and kind. They will reward Your honest interest with the best advice you can get. Go and find them.
Yes, I agree with what antonis says. Find a community garden in your area, or neighbors with gardens, and get some tips from them. Avoid the path of pesticides and commercial fertilizers. Organic is the way to go. Find a way to start some compost (you can keep worm bins or compost systems in your kitchen...) and beg some seedlings, cuttings, or seeds from others in your area. That way you know they are well suited to your area. And someone who is already successful can give you tips to help you along your way. Get some containers and use organic methods to grow them (in case your soil is already ruined, which is likely.) See my post for some ideas for gardening cheaply or almost free:



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