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I am very new to gardening, the small vegetable garden I've had the last two years has been more fun and successful than I ever dreamed. my family and I are trying to grow using organic methods, we have started or own compost and all is going well. I'm really unsure on how to fertilize. Is my compost enough? do I only add it when I plant? should I be adding more compost throughout the season?
If you look at a forest floor and consider how Mother Nature fertilizes, compost is enough if you use the right stuff in the right quantity. That said, there's a good argument to be made for supplementing your compost with some rock dusts and powders like green sand, lime, etc. You can add finished compost at any time. I often work some into the soil in the spring and add more during the season by top dressing my beds. With compost, it's really hard to overdo it.
Have you got stinging nettles anywhere nearby? What I do is: I pick lots of them, stuff them all into a bucket (wearing sturdy gloves, obviously) until it is brimfull, then fill the bucket up with water, cover the lot with an old plastic bag and leave it to ferment for two weeks at the bottom of the garden. This stuff stinks to high heaven, but once you've diluted it (one part fermented nettle gunk to 9 parts water) it makes an excellent fertiliser. Apply every other week and water in REALLY well, then sit back and watch your plants thrive :-)



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