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Mary Ellen Bonelli
I am trying to grow basil and parsely inside (from seeds) and they are very weak and leggy and seem to have stopped growing, what do I need to do to get them to be strong and flourish? I have them in a sunny window; but it is winter here, do I need a flourecent light or a warmer spot?
Hi Mary Ellen, I tend to plant my seed outside, but my father had great luck in growing seedlings indoors under grow lights. (full spectrum) They can be put on a timer to simulate a longer day length and are evidently better than just putting plants under a regular flourescent light. Most herbs are fairly hearty and thrive in an outdoor location, if they have the warmth and sunlight required. I know here in the PNW, I still can harvest thyme, rosemary and sage, but the most delicate herbs like parsley and basil will need to wait until the days are longer and warmer. Although parsley can tolerate cooler weather, it is a biennial, so it will go to seed(bolt) in it's second season. You may find that it goes to seed more quickly indoors. Basil needs a lot of sunlight and warmth to thrive. Good luck! Carol



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