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How to reign the earwig population back in?


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It appears this year that my garden's earwig population has gotten out of control. I don't use any chemicals but am hoping to reign them back in. I've already done some bug squishing but am wondering if others have experience with methods to reduce the population of these critters. I've read that they can be trapped by putting wet balled newspaper out at night and catching them there in the morning. Has anybody tried this or other methods that have worked? Thanks.   Everything about earwigs, including what they're "good for." I wondered ...  :-| You can use a band of Tanglefoot to keep them out of trees where they might infest ripe fruit. And diatomaceous earth can be used to deter them from sensitive areas. I used to see more earwigs in damp Oregon, so the advice about curbing dampness & damp garden litter is good. The damp newspaper traps sound good.



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