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How do you get newbies interested, involved, and committed to home/community gardening for food production?

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Thanks for your cool website and resources. I'm curious to know what resources you would reference or what guidelines you would offer for getting people interested and involved with home or community gardening - how does one turn people who have no prior experience with gardening into self-motivated produce-growers? I'm interested in the burgeoning effort to use community and home gardens as a solution to food deserts, obesity, and poor nutrition (among many other problems), especially in urban areas; however, I'm concerned that this effort overlooks the challenges in getting low-income, low-education city-dwellers to pick up a totally new skill of food production - especially one that requires a great deal of patience, commitment, care, regularity, and time. It's not a casual effort, even for amateur gardeners, and I think it's challenging to get people to change their lifestyle habits toward incorporating gardening.

Any thoughts on this will be appreciated!



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