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How do I plant garlic?


Garlic cloves should be planted one inch deep and roughly 6 inches (15cm) apart with the pointed end pointing up. For more info, see the video above.

A nice video. It's important not to plant supermarket bought garlic but to get some good rootstock from your local nursery (a friend gave us ours). Also, just on the 'locally bought produce' issue. When the ash cloud came over Europe from the Icelandic volcano, a lot of Europe's supermarket shelves were emptier since planes flying produce in from abroad could not get off the ground. I find it incredible how much foreign-imported food is now shipped in. Why can't countries concentrate on producing and selling their own produce - for example, Britain used to have some fantastic fruit varieties but many of these have now disappeared as a result of cheaper imports. We, on our small homestead, are trying to grow everything ourselves - both vegetables and fruit. I am very unhappy with the quality of the produce sold in the supermarkets - it has chemicals sprayed on it and deteriorates very quickly. There should be more information on websites like KGI promoting the whole, holistic self-sufficiency lifestyle.
I live in the far north (Yukon, Canada) and am wondering if I can plant garlic now. It would certainly freeze over winter (in our -45C weather) if it was planted in the fall; however, we currently have about 18 hours of sunlight, so everything grows very quickly. Very clear video, Thanks
It is best to plant garlic in the fall, but I could not wait, so I planted as soon as the last frost was gone. I planted my elephant garlic cloves 1 1/2 inches(4cm) deep & 12"(30cm) apart. They came up!!!



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